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             God Thoughts - Short radio lessons

Trust in God

Just a Christian

Choose a Direction

Holiday Season Thoughts

Words have Power


Old Fogies

Our Time

Part of the Gift

On the Firing Line

Cultural or Religion

Judges Nations


Be an Encourager

The Right Tool

The Kingdom

The Morning Star

The Deceitfulness of Sin

Only Path to Heaven


The Ability to Choose

Does Doctrine Matter

Power in Weakness

Limited Vision

All have in Common

Delayed Gratification

God or Self Centered

Walking in the Light


Standing Out
             God Thoughts - Short radio lessons

The Only Authority

An Active Religion

A God of Love and Wrath

Answers to Life Questions

Excited or Terrified

God Blesses

Does God Judge Nations

Kicking or Pulling

Unnamed Heroes

Under God's Direction


Failure Need not be Final

Horse Sense

Salt and Light

Living in the Last Days

Selective Hearing

Trust God

Onion is a Rose

Drinking Alcohol

Trivial Pursuit

What Really Matters

Winning Over Death

The Only Path


Coming of The Kingdom

Blindness is Good

Cultural Trends


Hope for the Family

Biblical Lifestyle
An Acquired Taste
Have You Forgotten
Guarding Your Deposit
Thankful for Family
Just One More
Have You Forgotten